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Will-Writing Services for UFO

Will-Writing Services for UFO

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Will-writing services for UFO: Standard Will

- Set up your Will today to ensure smooth distribution to your beneficiaries and prevent family disputes in future

- Specially catered for UFOs to pass on their residual income from to their desired beneficiaries


Standard Will include: 

(a) Personal particulars of testator; 

(b) Revocation clause; 

(c) Appointment of executor, trustee and guardian; 

(d) Defining rights and powers of executor and trustee; 

(e) Standard provision for specific gifts:

        (i) movable : up to 2 items, and 

        (ii) immovable : 1 property only 

(f) Distribution of residuary assets to beneficiaries by percentage; 

(g) Naming of beneficiaries for residuary assets (up to 2 levels); 

(h) Testamentary Trust for movable assets (1 trust only) 

(i) Common disaster clause

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